Legal Hacker auf Deutsch?

Here’s the Link to an interesting opportunity:

New legal disruptive services, challenging the old lawyers, are booming all over the world. Companies like Legalzoom and Rocketlawyer are changing the markets in the US and the UK. The German market is yet quite unexplored but things are moving fast. 

Agreement24, live in Sweden since 2007 and Germany since 2013, are now looking for an entrepreneur wanting to run and disrupt the German legal market. We offer you the technology (with developers), a launched e-com service, marketing and a possibility to shape the business your way – sound interesting?

If you feel thrilled to change the market we have the opportunity for YOU. “But what’s the hatch? Am I given the opportunity to run a start-up as it was my own backed up by recourses needed?” YES! But, since we are looking for world-class entrepreneur who knows failure will not be an option we will cover all costs except your salary. Instead you will get quite a large ownership in the business to get you motivated.

What we offer

We offer an entrepreneur, or a small team, ownership and the opportunity to run the business the way you think will lead to success and become the leading on-line legal service in Germany. We cover the recourses, which include IT, marketing, office and salary for existing staff. We currently have an office in Berlin but the entrepreneur can choose where it should be tomorrow.

Ready to disrupt this old traditional market?

  1. Write your business plan
  2. Call for a meeting with Swedish CEO Magnus Stein
  3. Meet our investors, which will also be yours
  4. Start scaling!

Contact for further information.


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