What I’m Reading

The Habermas/Luhmann debate and subsequent Habermasian perspectives on systems theory Abstract The Habermas/Luhmann debate centers on two questions. One is theoretical and one ethical. The theoretical question is: Can social processes be explained in primarily systemic terms? The ethical question is: What does reliance upon systems theory do to an advanced industrial society? Since the […]

Useful Recent Scholarship

Get it here Topic Modeling the President: Conventional and Computational Methods George Washington Law Review, Forthcoming Vanderbilt Law Research Paper No. 17-62 54 Pages Posted: 12 Dec 2017   J. B. Ruhl Vanderbilt University – Law School Jonathan M. Gilligan Vanderbilt University – Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences John Nay New York University; Harvard […]

Useful recent scholarship

Blockchains and Data Protection in the European Union Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition Research Paper No. 18-01 31 Pages Posted: 6 Dec 2017   Michèle Finck Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition; University of Oxford Date Written: November 30, 2017 Abstract This paper examines data protection on blockchains and other forms of […]

Sociological Theories of Law 

In the last post I argued that analytic jurisprudence lacks the intellectual resources for dealing with the current state of law in the emerging information society. I wrote a more complete treatment of that position in my essay, “Jurisprudence and Structural Realism,” which you can get here. In this post I want to continue discussing […]

A New Beginning

Legal theory needs a new beginning.  Over the past few years, I have watched, largely as an observer, as the information technology revolution has come to law. Sure, its been coming for a long time, but over the past few years the changes have become unavoidably obvious, even to the most dower disbelievers. It’s here […]

A Preface to the Philosophy of Legal Information

This is one of my recent essays– Abstract This essay introduces the philosophy of legal information (PLI), which is a response to the radical changes brought about in philosophy by the information revolution. It reviews in some detail the work of Luciano Floridi, who is an influential advocate for an information turn in philosophy that […]